Uniform Project

At the Uniform Project, our heart is to help those in need with uniform costs. This might be to support for a smaller one-off expense, or towards a full day uniform and games kit.

This project is targeted at Secondary school students in need of uniform.

We work in partnership with Smiths School wear based in Enfield, to provide support to those in need within the Borough of Enfield. At the moment this project is supporting the costs of secondary school uniforms only.

Referral and Contact Process

Registered secondary schools refer families for our support. The family will then receive a voucher, from the Uniform Project, through the school which is to be used within 14 days at Smiths School wear Enfield.

Please use referral or contact details below.
Email: info@jubileechurchlondon.org
Website: https://www.sentlondon.co.uk/uniformproject
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