Alpha Care Specialist

We are registered as a publishing company and always publish results from our research so that you know your community in facts and figures. We constantly research issues facing our community and have published our findings on subjects including elderly with mental health problems, drugs use and misuse and more.

Today, the organisation has become an asset to its community, working with mainstream services to inform, advise, represent, and influence provision. We always aim to increase our capacity to deliver more services and are proud to say that we have acquired national quality standards for all our services. We currently employ nearly 50 staff to ensure we provide an excellent service. We are always looking for people to join our Homecare Service and would encourage you to look at our vacancy page for more details.

We offer Counselling, Information & Advice, Homecare, Drop-in, Hot works café, Home From Hospital and Take Home and Settle Service

Referral and Contact Process

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Telephone: 07523 515 613
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