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Enfield Food Pantry
The pantry objective is to address food poverty and healthy eating issues at a very basic level and identify needs such as debt crisis, homelessness, social isolation and family related issues to prevent any escalation into more complex needs. An action and progress plan are then developed with the user and managed jointly then followed up to 6 months, until a level of improvement in their socioeconomic status is reached.

Members pay £4.50 a week and will be able to purchase the equivalent of roughly £20 worth of food.
Our Pantry will not only provide support with food but also offer members support with access to welfare, debt management and employment/skills training, Healthy Eating etc.
Catchment area includes N9 & N18
The pantry is operating for 2 days Tuesday and Wednesday appointment based only
Members have the opportunity to become a pantry volunteer via an application process using this link-


Referral and Contact Process

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