Insight Enfield Hidden Harm – Work with families affected by substance misuse

The Hidden Harm service provides support to families affected by substance misuse.

We work primarily with parents misusing substances to help them understand the impact substance misuse has on their children and their parenting. We run two Parent Recovery Programmes one in person and one virtually, the aim of these programmes is to further develop parents understanding of Hidden Harm and how parental substance misuse can impact their children. The Hidden Harm service can also offer one-to-one support to parents were appropriate.

We support young people affected by parental substance misuse to help them understand what Hidden Harm is on a one-to-one basis and provide them with a safe environment to explore their experiences and emotions as a result of parental substance misuse.

We can also provide support and signposting to significant others affected by another’s substance use.

The Hidden Harm service has a close working relationship with the Enable drug and alcohol treatment service.

Referral and Contact Process

Please use referral or contact details below.
Telephone: 020 8360 9102
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