Enfield Clubhouse

Our core mission is to offer a safe, judgement free, regular and welcoming space for people with enduring mental health issues. To support individuals to maintain stability in managing their conditions through professionally delivered therapist led activities.

Often when people find things too painful to express verbally, either due to not being able to identify the words to match the feelings or overwhelmed by anxiety, chaos or numbness (dissociation) from their emotions. The arts and eco therapy can be a useful tool as new
behaviours and ways of thinking can be practised and tried out.

This way of working circumvents cultural and language barriers in a accepting environment. Creative expression is a less directive approach without being too exposed and an alternative way offload awful feelings while being held and witnessed

Our aim is to provide a community space where creative activities, the arts and ecotherapy as an expression is our intention and hopefulness through social ability our vision.

Our goal is to encourage autonomy and enhance quality of life.

Referral and Contact Process

Referral process: Complete the membership form via our website

Please use referral or contact details below.
Email: info@enfieldclubhouse.org.uk
Telephone: 0208 373 6346 / 07796 466 979
Website: http://www.enfieldclubhouse.org.uk/
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