Enfield Women Centre

We support vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls and their families living in the borough of Enfield by providing a range of activities and services which they feel able to access, which will enable them to have fun, make changes in their lives, through learning new skills and working towards economic independence.

We offer a range of support and advice services around a range of issues including Violence (physical, sexual, and emotional), depression, anxiety, etc. We offer practical options and information as well as access to a wide referral network to assist women and girls in need.

Personal Development courses (Confidence Building, Assertive Communication Skills, Handling Stress, Exploring Anger)
– Basic IT For Beginners to include email skills and support.
– Managing Your Money – with Citizen Advise trainers
– Freedom Programme – Domestic Abuse Awareness Course for Women. This course is for women who have been victims of or who are affected by domestic abuse
– Coffee mornings
– Pamper sessions

Referral and Contact Process

Please use referral or contact details below.
Email: info@enfieldwomen.org.uk
Telephone: 0208 351 8934/ 0208 351 9128
Website: https://www.enfieldwomen.org.uk/about/
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