Family Based Solutions

Family Based Solutions uses the solution focus model to support families and individuals.

This service is available to residents with an Enfield, Haringey or Barnet postcode.  Family Based Solutions have 12 years of experience of working with families and their children who have been affected by the harmful effects of domestic abuse and on child to parent abuse.  FBS offers 4 different support options.


OPTION 1 – 4 week Online Parent Support Groups – available to any parent/carer who is experiencing child to parent abuse, conflict or challenging behaviours from their child/children aged 18 or under.

This service is available to any parent/carer and they do not have to be an Enfield resident.  The parent support group aims to provide valuable insights and assistance. FBS works together with parents/carers to tackle conflicts or behavioural issues within the home. Please note that children cannot attend these groups and should not be present during the online sessions; they are designed exclusively for parents/carers.

Benefits of participating in the parent support group:

  • Learn and apply solution-focused techniques for addressing conflicts and challenging behaviours.
  • Engage in real-life conversations about the highs and lows of parenting.
  • Experience a non-judgmental environment with valuable and informal discussions for the benefit of you and your family.
  • Connect with parents facing similar challenges and establish new support networks.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of turning your camera on or off and using an alias for added comfort.

OPTION 2 – Solution Focus Family support  – Available in office or online. FBS supports families experiencing child to parent abuse from ages 6-18.

Sessions are weekly/fortnightly or monthly and there is no fixed end date – tailor made to meet individual requirements of each family.  Family Based Solutions (FBS) uses the Solution Focused Approach when working with families.   This way of working looks at the families’ strengths and when the problem is absent or less severe.

The family is in the role of the expert rather than the facilitator as only they understand the problems and challenges, they face daily.  The very first meeting begins with what the families will see as their preferred outcome from the work.  The preferred outcome is then worked towards by the whole family in small manageable steps.  The approach is very much a collaboration working with the families on targets that matter to them rather than being directive and forced.   The work continues while there are positive improvements, and the meetings are tapered off to bi-weekly then monthly.

OPTION 3 – Domestic Abuse Recovery Programme. Weekly online group sessions or tailor made 1:1 options.

This service is available to parents/carers that have experienced any form of domestic abuse and are no longer living with or in contact it their abuser.

Parents will explore:

  1. what domestic abuse is
  2. why it’s okay to talk about domestic abuse
  3. some strategies to protect you and your family from domestic abuse
  4. why you are not to blame for the domestic abuse
  5. ways of building your own and your child’s self esteem
  6. discuss how you and your child can constructively express your feelings and emotions such as anger
  7. finding yourself again

OPTION 4 – Family Based Relationships programme This service is suitable for adults wanting to replace problematic/abusive behaviours with positive behaviours. Weekly Individual or group sessions online or office based.

The programme is for adults deemed as low to mid level perpetrators who have been identified (or have self-identified) as having issues relating to violence, abuse and controlling behaviours within past relationships.

The programme is bespoke to each individual as their solution behaviours will be different for each person and will be aimed at their preferred future. This means that adults work towards what they want in their lives moving forward and how this will benefit them and their relationships. An online pre-assessment will be conducted before the individual can attend the programme.



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