Welfare and Benefit Support Enfield Council

What we do, how we can help and how to make referrals to us:

The team is made up of experienced officers, that holistically support the client to improve their financial situation, build resilience we aim to do this by offering practical support and advice.


Income Maximisation:

Advising and supporting clients to apply for benefits that they may be entitled to. These benefits include Personal Independence Payments, Disability Living Allowance, Employments Support Allowance, Universal Credit etc

Ensuring that their benefits are correct and if not supporting to get them corrected.

-If we have supported to apply for a benefit and the client has been unsuccessful, we will support through the reconsideration process.


We offer advice and support

The team focuses on Council Debts such as Rent Arrears, Council Tax Arrears, Housing Benefit Overpayments and Adult Social Care debts. Assisting clients to make suitable repayments and support with applications for available discretionary help.

Support clients with budgeting.

We have a fast track referral process to Citizen Advice for clients with other debts such as Credit Cards, Catalogue debt etc


Campaigns & Events:

Using a Low-income families dashboard to proactively identify families who may not be in receipt of all the benefits they are entitled to. 

Up and coming events: which will include support for those affected by the benefit cap.


Other Support:

Referrals to Food Pantry

Referrals to the Food Bank

Referrals to Citizen Advice

Referrals to other teams and organisations such as Social Services & Housing etc

We work with internal and external teams and organisations to holistically support Enfield residents to improve their circumstances

Referral and Contact Process

Please use referral or contact details below.
Website: https://new.enfield.gov.uk/forms/covid-19-welfare-advice-debt-and-benefit-support-referral-form/
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