Zebras Children and Adult Charity

Zebras Children & Adults Charity supports children and adults with disabilities in England and Wales, however the majority of our work takes place here in Enfield. We believe that if you have a disability that you must be given the chance to show your ability and get the most from your life. We will educate society and change attitudes through our work. We offer a range of services at Zebras to provide recreation, alleviate the effects of poverty and provide emotional support and information.


The services we offer are:

  • Our Saturday Club at the Hub
  • The fruit and veg for families’ project.
  • The Zebras Coffee Stop for parents/carers and friends as well as supported voluntary employment opportunities
  • Our autism swim school in partnership with Fusion Lifestyle
  • Seasonal activities and events for children with SEND and their families
  • Bespoke autism awareness training

Referral and Contact Process

Referral process: Email zebrascacharity@outlook.com and the relevant form will be sent to you

Please use referral or contact details below.
Email: zebrascacharity@outlook.com
Telephone: 0203 441 1764
Website: http://www.zebrascacharity.org.uk
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