NEXUS is a community project run by the Behaviour Support Service within the Local Authority. Our aim is to connect the community for a better Enfield. We partner with external services and organisations, as well as lead and create projects and interventions ourselves. With our network and knowledge of the area, we can support our partners in the co-ordination of their projects too.
NEXUS projects support:

• Children and young people in schools – Projects that support Children and young people for example mentoring and group work sessions, assemblies, and workshops.
• Professional Learning – we work in partnership with the Professional Learning team in Enfield council and our NEXUS partners to commission training to upskill staff in Education, as well as professionals in the wider community who are working with children and young people
• The community of Enfield – Projects that support the wider community of Enfield. For example: Jubilee Park Regeneration project & our Heard Parenting Forum
• Advocacy – Projects that drive positive change and represent and reflect the community they serve. For example: Walk This Way (a platform which will inspire those within the local community to take up influential positions) & No Privilege Just words reading campaign which educates the next generation to change the way they view matters regarding race and racism.

Referral and Contact Process

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