Sebby’s Corner

Sebby’s Corner believes no child should go without the basic essentials they need to thrive. We offer a range of services such as family referrals where we provide items as clothing, nappies, formula, toiletries and baby equipment and our Birthday Club where we ensure children don’t go without gifts on their birthday.

We support families living in poverty, families in temporary accommodation, women and their children who have fled domestic abuse, refugees, asylum seekers and victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. We regularly hear stories of parents who go without food so they can buy formula or parents reusing soiled nappies as they can’t afford to buy anymore. Families can be referred to us by any professional such as midwives, health visitors and teachers.

Services offered:

– Baby Bank

– Childrens essentials

– Home essentials

– Toiletries

– Emergency support

– Birthday club

– Asylum and refuge support

– Families escaping domestic violence

– Human trafficking

Referral and Contact Process

Referrals via a professional e.g. support worker, midwife, doctor, teacher, schools, nurse or any other health care profession.
Please use referral or contact details below.
Telephone: 020 3475 7071
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