Abundant Living With Autism (ALWA) Play Scheme (Out of school Holiday Club -5-15 years)

The ALWA Play Scheme is a Non-Profit Organisation set up with the focus of supporting the needs of the growing community of children with Autism and SEND. We run an out of school holiday club for children aged 5-15 years which runs during the School Half Terms and Holidays. We provide a safe supportive environment in which they can play, learn and grow and be taught life skills to lead them into living a fulfilled and abundant life.

We also help and support the needs and wellbeing of their parents, carers and family members through a variety of avenues such as sharing of information and support.

This play scheme runs from Russet House School ,11 Autumn Close, Enfield, EN1 4JA
10am-3pm School Holidays ONLY

Referral and Contact Process

Please use referral or contact details below.
Email: info@abundantlivingwithautism.org.uk
Telephone: 07306403908
Website: http://www.abundantlivingwithautism.org.uk
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