Enfield and Haringey Operation Engage

Enfield and Haringey Operation Engage (Young people aged 10-18)

Operation Engage is a custody-based initiative where workers support young people detained at Wood Green Custody suite. The project is a collaboration between the metropolitan police, Haringey and Enfield Councils, however led by Enfield. A key ambition of the project is to provide diversion and early intervention to young people that have come to the attention of the criminal justice system and prevent further escalation of offending and engagement in risky and other harmful behaviours.

The project presents a unique opportunity for a ‘reachable and teachable moment’ when young people and their parents / carers are most likely to be susceptible to receiving support whilst in custody.

A key ambition of the project is to provide early intervention and targeted support that will be achieved by developing positive relationships, facilitating access to positive activities, signposting, brokering access to education, training & constructive pursuits, and providing advice and support to parents.

Services Offered:

A youth worker who can meet with a young person and their family and offer diversionary services including mentoring



Referral and Contact Process

Referral process:

The criteria for receiving a service is that a young person must live in the boroughs of Enfield or Haringey. Our police colleagues email us with the details of young people that are arrested and taken to Wood Green custody suite daily, a youth worker then arranges to visit them either in custody or at their home

Please use referral or contact details below.
Email: OperationEngage@Enfield.gov.uk
Telephone: 07773 009 152
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