Kidscape – Help with Bullying

(Children from 9 to 17 years old and support parents and carers whose children are going through bullying situations). Our vision is for all children to grow up in supportive communities safe from bullying and harm. We provide practical support, training, and advice to challenge bullying and protect young lives

Our workshops bring together children and families impacted by bullying behaviour and teach a range of practical tools (the ‘ZAP tools’) for handling a bullying situation. ZAP workshops are delivered to children and families both in the community and through schools. ZAP workshops significantly reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, with 96% of young people feeling more confident and 95% of parents saying they now feel less alone, as children and families come together to share their experiences.

We also operate a Parent Advice Line where we support 500 families a year to positively resolve a bullying situation and improve their communication with the school to keep their child/ren safe.

Referral and Contact Process

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Telephone: 0207 823 5430
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